Asset Management

Assets designated for resale are transferred to our technical department where they are physically inspected, tested and individually listed in our asset management database.

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When Reuse and Remarketing are not an option we destroy and properly recycle our customer’s material in an environmentally sound manner.

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Data Security

When it comes to Data Security. We are capable of erasing hard drives including SCSI, SATA, FC, SAS, ATA/IDE, SSD.

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Welcome to Nap Recycling

Welcome to Nap Recycling, a premier e-waste Management company based in Hyderabad with over 15 years of successful operations. At Nap Recycling we are committed to contributing to a sustainable environment through an efficient and safe management of e-waste. We are a Telungana Pollution Control Board approved e-waste management company. Telungana PCB guidelines are driven by laws and rules related to e-waste and environment such as the Environment Protection Act, 1986 and E- waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2011 which apply to generators of e-waste and e-waste management companies.

Our transparent and efficient processes ensure that we are able to provide the most optimal value and solutions for our customer’s e-waste management needs arising from the applicable rules and regulations. Leveraging our significant experience in the business we are able to offer consultancy services such as STPI/custom de-bonding procedures, assessment of equipment, logistics, and support/ guidance for statutory compliance needs.

Brand Protection

Secure Destruction and Recycling. Data Erasure

Environmental Stewardship

Ensuring commodities are sent to environmentallysound, audited and approved downstream processors. Transparent reporting

Value Recovery

Commodity Recovery. Resale of non-proprietary equipment, IT Assets andcomponents

Our Services

Recycling Solutions

NAP Recycling core strength lies in its innovation and technological prowess that gives an unprecedented edge to our recycling operations.

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IT Asset Disposition Solutions

Our full suite of IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions meets the needs of many unique businesses while eliminating the complexity and risk from their operations.

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Reverse Logistics Solutions

Reverse logistics management for technology-driven companies around India, providing worry-free service spares inventory, product returns management, and intelligent redeployment of assets.

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Data Security Solutions

Each PC, laptop, server, storage system, or mobile device retired poses a potential data security risk, presenting an opportunity for sensitive personal and corporate information to be compromised.

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